Professional Hair Extensions

Loxx of London's Professional Hair Extensions are the epitome of excellence.

Our extensions are designed to provide damage-free and efficient methods, leaving clients in awe.
Our popular and gentle techniques of nano rings and wefts ensure a discreet solution for seamless integration.
We use 100% virgin human hair of the highest quality, guaranteeing an unbelievably natural-looking outcome.

We offer a bespoke array of colours, and our inspiring Blog is filled with expert advice on Professional Extensions and how to maintain their flawless appearance. Our commitment to quality and innovation sets us apart, offering you an exceptional experience. Here's why you should choose us:

- Single Donor Hair: We source our hair from one donor, ensuring superior quality and uniformity.
- Double Drawn: Our hair is carefully selected to eliminate shorter strands, maintaining fullness from top to bottom.
- Cuticles Intact: We preserve natural cuticles for durability and silky texture.
- Thick Ratio: Our impressive thickness ratio provides a luxurious and glamorous look.
- Bespoke Colours: We offer an extensive selection of custom colours, including piano and balayage.
- Long Lifespan: Our extensions last 10 to 12 months with proper care.
- Premium Virgin Hair: Our hair is of the highest quality, never chemically treated or processed.
Personalized customer service - We make sure that all your questions are answered promptly and accurately.

Founded in 2017, Loxx of London: Quality extensions lasting impressions.